Retrogression Update: Impact of visa limits on US health

I’ve been waiting a long time to write something so I’d have some good news to share. Unfortunately all the Retrogression updates I’ve read recently report that nothing much has been happening. There are still no visas available for nurses and health care workers, in fact the longer this goes on the more it will have negative effects on patient care. Some believe the reason for all of this is that there is a political war going on within our own government which is paralizing us and that there is a strong anit-immigration sentiment currently.

It is a fact that Bush vetoes many bills that Congress passes. Congress may gain some leverage to get something passed because there is a need for Congress to pass legislation giving more financial support for the war in Iraq, so there might be some compromise. It is a historic truth that legal, employment based, immigrants are an important factor in the U.S.’s economic growth. Not having enough people to fill jobs, ANY jobs, causes economic stagnation or worse. There is always hope, I have seen an increase of communication on this topic in the media and slowly it should start to reach the general American public who are for the most part unaware of the level this nursing crisis has reached. Once it is common knowledge, there will be a lot of noise that will be heard by our law makers. I have tacked on some articles for reference.

The first one gives us a glimmer of hope that the bill HHS Education Appropriation Act of 2008 which was passed by Congress and that Bush vetoed may be amended by Congress to add a provision for nurse visas and that with the Bush Administration’s need for Congress to work with him to get him war funding, it may pass. A point to note is this article on American policies and issues is written by a Filipino and published in a Filipino paper. The second piece is an example of how businesses, etc. are hurting because of lack of immigration reform which results in a lack of workers and thus reinforces the fact that we need a legal immigrant worker population and the current caps on visas hurts business and economy. The last article exemplifies the fact that the nursing shortage has deadly results and discusses the shortage in a manner that matches the conclusions I have come to from much reading and research on this topic.

You all can help with this cause by speaking out and raising people’s awareness of the personal impact this shortage can have and then perhaps it will drive us toward a positive change in immigration and help to lift retrogression.




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  1. pranita says:

    This is very bad situation for nurses. I had passed my nclex-rn exam on 2006 and till now waiting to see when is the retrogression going to end. I have wasted my time and money to pass my exam as it was so hard for me as an international student in usa. I am still waiting which is disgusting and frustrating to me. It is kind of mental sickness and cause of huge depression in my life and I don’t know whom to blame for this. I was planning to leave this country and go to Australia but my lawyer said this will be probably settle in january 2008 , so waiting as trying to live day by day so hardly, far from my family being so much hopeless. whoever is responsible for this may not know how much this is causing harm to nurses like me.

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