Addressing immigration reform and the presidential candidates

Happy New Year! This is my first 2008 email update addressing the ever looming shadow of visa retrogression for nurses. I think the one thing I am fervently hoping for everyday is to hear media adress the nursing shortage and need for immigration reform. I have seen a few articles and briefs more recently, The National Foundation of American Policy published a couple of briefs last September and October and they continue to address the need for more legal immigration overall in the country and the nursing shortage. See these links for the articles. “deadly consequesnces” “nurses”

What I hope comes next is coverage of this issue from the more mainstream media and I am looking to see what the Presidential candidate’s stances are on the topic of more visas for nurses and immigration reform overall. It is too much to hope that they would even touch on the topic of the nursing shortage and the needs for visas but it is not too much to expect them to address their thoughts on making more visas available for employment based immigrants and reforming current immigration practices. Some seem to be only focusing on the border security and illegal alien problem and, in my opinion, that is not broad enough of a view. I hope for a President who understands the importance of changing the immigration system and removing visa caps for shortage occupations. Even if they don’t make this a campaign topic I am doing my research to see what their stance would be on passing legislation to help get nurses visas. Something good probably will happen before the election; I am hearing hopeful whispers that something may happen in the first quarter of 2008. Nevertheless, it is important to me, and probably all you affected by the current situation, to have a President who will work to change the system long term, so that this kind of situation never happens again. Hammond Law Group’s blog spot covers both the presidential candidates’ views and what is happening in the media among other immigration topics. I have included the link here for those who wish to read it through, I found it very informative. Thanks for your participation by reading my thoughts and let’s hope for some happy news in 2008.

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