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HR 5924-The nurse relief bill has even more co-sponsors

Friday, July 18th, 2008

The most recent update on the Emergency Nurse Relief bill is in the link I
have provided. Last month the bill HR 5924 had 10 bi-partisan co-sponsors,
now that number is up to 17. The support is mounting which is a very good
thing! This bill, when passed, will put an end retrogression for nurses. I
know people are hearing a lot of negative things, through blogs and the
internet especially in the Philippines, about how retrogression will never
end. Please know that rumors and misinformation are easy to spread and that
is exactly what those negative messages are. They are not based on fact!
The bill HR 5924 is a fact and it is counter to the rumor that retrogression
will never end. People involved in the Healthcare Industry know we have a
nursing shortage here in the U.S. Business leaders know that small business is negatively impacted by retrogressions as well. They, along with our government leaders,
are working hard to rectify the situation which is good reason for all of us
to be hopefull that these times will soon come to an end. if you have a specific question, seek proper legal advice, speak with an immigration specialist or send me a message here. Keep up the spirit!

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