Thursday, January 19, 2006 I return to the case “Garfieldd”.

Thursday, January 19, 2006 I return to the case "Garfieldd". Under pressure from many mails bloggers, journalist Liberation published a corrigendum – from 17 o’clock yesterday Wed-to information given in the newsprint edition. Contrary to what was written the words "porn" are not fantasies of readers sent to the author. These are examples of terms typed queries in search engines leading to his blog. This case still raises many reactions in what is called the "blogosphere". What does the main person?, In an interview on a famous blog the headmaster did not challenge the idea of ??a sanction, but the fact that this sanction is "weapon of mass destruction" for an official . the principal revocation is aware of the mix of genres of his writings, and rises only against the disproportion of blame and punishment He adds, "the punishment that strikes me reports to a particular context that the". official authority "which represents the state and that this title does not affect by his actions, his words and his writings on the dignity of the State (obviously I did not have the feeling taking this blog, to undermine my administration.) A teacher is not held to the same strict duty of reserve. "You’ll find in the press many diverse subjects. Let us perhaps the information given in the World:. a project of "grooming Ordinance of 2 February 1945 on juvenile delinquency, plans to establish criminal measures applicable from the age of 10. … When a society is afraid of his youth at that point, when she gives to education, ie, is that it will badly … good Reading … ————————————- ——— Liberation 19/01/06 Corrigendum Contrary to what we wrote yesterday in Liberation in the article "a headmaster revoked for a blog ole ole", the words "super black tails" and "beurs cocks" are not fantasies of readers sent to the author of the "blog Garfield." These are examples of terms typed queries in search engines leading to his blog that the author cites to show the "absurdity" of some associations generated by search algorithms, Google or Yahoo. Reached by Liberation, the headmaster says he has always been "worthy" in its expression and belies the "pornographic" character attributed to his blog for Education. The blogger principal, who sent the Minister Gilles de Robien a request for equitable relief, no longer wishes, for the moment, "contribute to the media coverage of this case." Read more of the article "Lone Survivor …" Hugues Giovannini Professor at the University Paul Cezanne Aix-Marseille III, a researcher at the Institute Fresnel. Students put off by scientific studies into the areas such as law or the humanities. Disaffection that can be costly to society. Read more of the article Paris, rich and young alcoholics Teens affluent neighborhoods drink and smoke more than average. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 19/01/06 the rector justifies dismissal of the headmaster blogger the rector of the Academy of Montpellier, Christian Nique, said yesterday that the school principal Peytavin in Mende (Lozere) revoked by the Minister of education January 9, had "failed in its duty of education for posting photos and comments that make him lose credibility." […] "We see naked and there are pictures of men [on his blog] that are unequivocal, lamented Christian Nique. Moreover, it was perfectly recognizable since he had his own photo. He commented further its principal business and reported his meetings with the school inspector or his colleagues. "His dismissal is" not an academic decision, "said the rector, saying giving the Ministry the information on this topic. Read more of the article Youth unemployment is primarily a problem of academic failure by Michel Godet The first employment contract announced by Dominique de Villepin is a boon for business leaders who will hire young people to test for two or three years in charge exemptions. The generous idea in principle, however, could have limited effects on both audiences, at the extremes of the educational spectrum: young people in check, left school without parchment, difficult to employ in the state, and those , holders of university assignats too graduates for available jobs. To understand, we must return to the key figures for education and youth unemployment. […] The high unemployment rate (20%) of less than 25 years comes from 15 to 20% of young people living in school as a place of failure and exclusion. Almost 40% of these young people coming out of school with no minimum acquired, are unemployed. The fight against youth unemployment should start to dry up its source: school failure and the inability of our society to transmit knowledge, values ??and basic behaviors needed for autonomy, fulfillment but also sociability and the employability of individuals. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 18/01/06 (a day late) against school violence pay someone to do programming homework
Gilles de Robien announced a circular to respond "collectively" to attacks Read More Article ———– —————————————– Le Parisien on 19/01/06 ( paid) education the rector of the academy of Montpellier, Christian Nique, said yesterday that the headmaster of the school Peytavin in Mende (Lozere) revoked by the Minister of education, had "failed in its duty of education" . Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 19/01/06 ——————————– —————- 20 minutes from 19/01/06 "A powerful social inequality factor" Michel Kokoreff Thursday, January 19, 2006 Lecturer at Paris-V, author of the Force neighborhoods, Payot, 2004. the OFDT study shows that young of the most affluent neighborhoods consume more drugs. Is this surprising? Read more of the article Drugs: more young users in the West A study on the behavior of Parisians 17 years to drugs, tobacco and alcohol was published yesterday Read more of the article – ———————————————— Where is- France’s 19/01/06 "blogs, not a lawless zone" business related to the Internet, including blogs, multiply in the courts. The evidence that the law has adapted, said Bernard Lamon, Rennes lawyer, a specialist in computer law. […] Just like a newspaper, a website or a blog are publications. The same rules applied to them. The law of defamation for example. It can not be uttering insults against anyone. No more racist or xenophobic. Also suppressed photographs or pornographic or violent messages, if they can be seen by minors. The image rights, copyright, trademark law are also required. Read more of the article Alexis globetrotting love languages ??Expolangues The lounge opened yesterday in Paris. Alexis Lebel, he thinks Chinese, written in Russian jokes in English, German and understands Spanish and goes to Persian. At 25, this young graduate of Sciences-Po works in humanitarian and still believes in the Assimil method. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 20/01/06 measures all-out to prevent delinquency of legislative inflation the destroyers will be for their expenses. The delinquency prevention plan, to be presented Friday, January 20, at the Interministerial Committee set up by the Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, has an important legislative component: 131 articles, some of which are or will be attached to other texts shortly discussed in Parliament. It covers almost all areas of government action: police, justice, education, social affairs, health, urban planning, sports, equal opportunities. Read more of the article Criminal penalties from 10 years? The Interior Ministry wants to "groom" the order of 2 February 1945 on juvenile delinquency, in the words of a relative of Nicolas Sarkozy. The Chancery fully share his goal, make sure I place Beauvau: systematize and accelerate the judicial response. […] In its latest version, the project proposes to establish criminal measures applicable from the age of 10. Read more of the article Accoyer (UMP) wishes to avoid a new debate in Parliament against the mobilization Article 4 of the law of 23 February 2005, which give expression to the "positive role of the French presence overseas," does not weaken. Wednesday, January 18, more than seventy historians and legal experts – some of whom had before the Council of State, in the fall of 2005, about the state of emergency – have asked the Prime Minister to the Constitutional Council to engage, under Article 37 of the Constitution, the "downgrading" of this article 4. This procedure allows the government to repeal – or rewrite – by decree a regulatory provision adopted by the Parliament. Applicants reserve the right to take the matter to the State Council for refusing the Prime Minister. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 19/01/06 BAGNOLET the teachers are protesting against aggression teachers professional college Bagnolet exercise their right to withdraw from the assault Tuesday in one of their colleagues by a student. Read more of the article Colonization: call for protests on February 25 A big demonstration was organized in Paris on February 25 against the law of the "positive role" of French colonialism. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of 19/01/06 "Be the best" portrait of a high school with an average suburb (France 2) moral values, elitism secularism. To mark the 100th anniversary of the law on the separation of church and state, France 2 provides a fiction of a high school of a "middle suburbs" where are mentioned that cases of conscience are daily confronted students and teachers. Read more of the article Aix: the physical education CAPEPS interrupted by an event Some two hundred students in physical education from the Academy of Aix-Marseille, halted Thursday morning the written test for competition of CAPEPS physical education provided in Aix-en-Provence, found a journalite AFP. Read more of the article The teachers of a high school of Blanc-Mesnil also stop the ongoing teachers of professional and industrial high school Aristide Briand Le Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis) announced that they had arrested Thursday after their courses a series of incidents against colleagues or establishment. Read more of the article Globish, English or easy to the rescue of poor speakers + + Do not speak English, speak Globish. "The credo of John Paul Nerriere, causing the Globish for overall English, is simple: it is to simplify the grammar and English vocabulary, and make the most spoken language accessible to all the idea came to him in 1989. John Paul Nerriere, then vice president for IBM. US and global marketing manager for the computer giant, travel a lot. He speaks English with his interlocutors and sees that "communicates better with the Japanese than do the Americans." […] Now retired Mr. Nerriere, aged 65, began to work. Two books "Talk Globish" and "Discover the Globish" released in 2004 and 2005, sold 20,000 copies. Three translations (Italy, Spain and South Korea ) are made or future Read more of the article first job Contract: creation A collective of youth organizations A collective of student unions and a high school student unions, youth organizations and political association, was established Thursday to organize "the youth mobilization" against the First Employment Contract (CPE) he describes as "insult to the young." Read more of the article Karen Montet-Toutain: no policeman in high schools but bippers Karen Montet-Toutain, Professor of vocational school Louis Bleriot Etampes, assaulted knife by a student in the course, n is not favorable to the presence of police in schools but think teachers should be provided with a pager. Asked about the reasons for school violence, Mrs. Montet-Toutain regretted that "many young people did not really choose the section they attend, do not have the choice of preparing a trade that where an interested lack of motivation leading to frustration and violence. " Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more Indispensable teaching coffee VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the home teachers-education AFP dispatches on the site the Yahoo News website under education Published by Watrelot on Thursday, January 19, 2006

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