Ap has prompted much.

Yet it was also the most painful march titled 2011-12 which opened the cycle. The head to head with Napoli, which has inflamed the end, he lived key moments: the k.o. Juventus against Lazio (eighth day), and the maximum benefit blue (+5), the direct encounter of going from Higuain and decided to return the signed Koulibaly that led Napoli to -1.

Then the big fear and big comeback Juventus against Inter (day 35): the backlash that has sent him back to Turin Scudetto. FORCED It was actually the crucial points of the season to highlight the stuff of champions Italy: a deep pink to fight in Italy and Europe, and soloists, which in turn proved to be decisive (Dybala that against Lazio at signing 93 ‘the goal that is worth passing on Napoli, Higuain bending Inter 89’, accelerated by Douglas Costa and drifting of Cuadrado, just to name a few).

But most of all showed the mental strength, the unquenchable thirst for victory, which is the true signature. At defeat against Sampdoria, in going, he was followed by a strip of 20 useful results in Series A (including 12 consecutive wins); at 2-2 in the second round of the Champions League against Tottenham he was followed by the enterprise Wembley; the thud of Turin against Madrid at the Bernabeu almost a miracle; the home defeat against Napoli rabid reversal of San Siro which undermined – by contrast – the certainties of rivals.

GOALS – Now only missing the consecration in Europe, the great achievement of a fireball that has put in the tank well as Cristiano Ronaldo class. In the championship of the Journal Sports Awards, however, the challenge is global.

Opponents have won world titles (the butterflies of rhythm, girls basketball 3×3, Gorgeous Blue’s foil) or there are gone by doing the full of emotions (silver female Italvolley); have excelled in their respective leagues (Olimpia Milano in A1 Basketball, Hockey Club Bolzano nell’Ebel Austria) or have become a symbol (of the girls 4×400, gold in athletics at the Mediterranean Games and manifesto of ‘multicultural Italy). To you the choice. Mattia Bazzoni  @ ilbazzo

February 18, 2018 – PyeongChang (South Korea) Riccardo Tonetti, 28 years. Ap has prompted much. The fourth fastest time in the first heat (75/100 from Hirscher) required him to do so in the second to try to grab the podium. In the final part of the descent Riccardo Tonetti is over on the ground, but the South Tyrol is not down to the race ended with the Austrian coronation: “We go home with a zero, but I still enjoyed my. The result is not good, but needed something extraordinary.

I left as I had told all to try to make the race, to try to be with the ones up front. to do that you have to do something more: on the wall I suffered too the steps then sold me a little ‘leg. At the start i had been told that there had to be careful, but when you’re with a knife between his teeth hard you try. ” Then the 28-year old will appeal to fans: “I hope that now is the message to all those who woke up early to see me that I have put it all.

That’s it.” Moelgg – Manfred Moelgg, 13 ° 3 ‘is about a bad day, “I continued to struggle (in the second run, ed) especially in the steep part where I thought to do better. It was a bad day, but I tried I have tried hard I have no regrets.

I’m pretty calm. “Eisath – A lower position, the 14th, for Florian Eisath 3” 14 “Surely now and then we analyze the giant slalom (Thursday 22, ed.) The goal is to make fewer mistakes , it will be different from now. ” de Aliprandini – He was making a great first moto De Luca Aliprandini when a few dozen meters from the finish fell after finishing off an unbalanced against networks. The 27-year-Cles reassured about his condition: “It should not be anything serious, it hurts the tibia and the knee”.

Then the race was racing says: “It’s a shame because there was feeling. I felt good in starts high, instead of in the middle did not feel so good to me and that’s why the bottom I risked. I’ll go without regret home.” Gasport

August 18, 2016 – RIO DE JANEIRO (Brazil) will be the United States and Spain, as in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. This time there will be no giving away the gold but a place in the final, a dream in which the wonderful Argentine generation guided Ginobili will have to give up after the defeat, 105-78, in the quarterfinals of the Rio tournament. Kevin Durant with Manu Ginobili.

Getty Images soft approach – After five qualifying matches now the going gets tough, but Team USA takes a little ‘to immerse themselves in the atmosphere from inside or out. Before the ball to the bench two stages a bizarre ballet propitiatory (all in a circle moving his legs as the Moulin Rouge queens). But there is little to dance. The defense of Anthony Scola is the first message sent loud and clear him to Melo, who started a quintet with Thompson, Durant, Irving and Jordan.

Argentina is more ready, more “bad”, driven by fans who transform the Arena Carioca 1 in their home, contrasting the Brazilian supporters sided with Team USA. black out – Bad approach of Coach K team synthesized the humiliating coil which burns Campazzo Irving for 5-10 Start, margin increases to touch the 9-19 with a triple from Nocioni. After the emergency time out, Krzyzewski gets a reaction. Four changes with only the KD of the starting five.

No coincidence that the mature part of overtaking: 25-21 the first buzzer with a large intake of George and two easy layup Cousins. shock – Nocioni and Ginobili-Durant-Anthony’s best duels to see. The emotional discharge date from Argentina in the first seven minutes is watered down by class of KD unattainable, 16 points less than 12 minutes with 4/6 of three and 63% from the field.

In an amen you get to 36-24, which is a different story than the initial tremors though Irving’s defensive worries on small Hernandez are amazing. In any case, the game turned, and maybe even the Olympic tournament team on a mission for gold: when in their own half the intensity is the right one, the acceleration in the attack comes by itself. In picture: half the bench to incite Anthony in marking on Deck, Triple George dropped in a nanosecond on the other side.

On board the gleaming 49-27, which will become the interval 56-40 (Durant 18). No risk – When Team USA travels to its rhythm the opponent is forced to take shots with minimal timing. Scariolo knows perfectly and will already be working on the plan for Friday’s semifinals.

A midstream all percentages http://1xbet.footballresultstoday.org/ are in favor of the Americans, the rebound voice is the one that impresses most: 22-14, a domain. Settled on this platform, the focus from the game moves on individual games or the off program, as the bloc led by DeAndre Jordan which is slamming the poor Campazzo. If Anthony for the quarter-final is an evening “normal” KD is always on the piece, and half an hour of play has 27 points with 69% of the total (9/13), more than twice as George.

Manu Ginobili, 39, ended his adventure in National. Reuters manu by applause – Ginobili is damned soul, playing the last game in the national as if it were the first, surrounded by other monuments of Generacion Dorada (from Scola Nocioni) that Athens won gold at the expense of ‘ Italy and that close with a standing ovation when they are recalled on the bench.

The Albiceleste public perceives it and enjoys minutes choruses and cheers for their heroes and the second quintet Krzyzewski, permanently in the field, bringing home the mission semifinals stretching further. Ginobili ends with tears in his eyes: his international career ends with a standing ovation. USA: Durant 27, George 17, Cousins ​​15 Argentina 15 Scola, Ginobili 14, 13 Campazzo from our correspondent Antonino Morici  @ antoninomorici

January 31, 2019 – Milan, Giuseppe Bergomi, 55 The quarter-finals of the Italian Cup were an opportunity to kick off the campaign “mettiamocelo head” of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, to raise funds for education of refugee children. The Lega Serie A has decided to dedicate the races of the cup and the third return of Serie A to the support of the fundraiser, with testimonial from football and sport in general. A Demetrio Albertini and Giuseppe Bergomi this year were added Andrea Petagna and Thaisa Moreno, AC Milan star Female, along with former captain of the national volleyball Gigi Mastrangelo.

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